Day 9: Perpendicular bisector Foldable


We started the class by tracking their pretest scores. This was the first time students had seen standards based grading. There were questions, but they figured it out and were sold on it pretty quickly. It was MUCH easier to explain the grading system to them after I gave them pack their pretests. In the past I have tried explaining it before they took an assessment and I just got blank stares. When they saw it, they got it.

On the back of the learning target tracking sheet, I put a rubric of what each score means (1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4) and what their next steps should be at each level so that they can refer to it easily. I encouraged them to read the rubric and argue with me if they felt their grade was not accurate for a particular skill. I emphasized that they had to CONVINCE me that they mastered the skill, and not just have a correct answer. It was a great way for them to understand their role in SBG, the rubric, etc before it counts on their grade. The pretest was like an assessment dress rehearsal. After the next assessment, when it counts, Ill get to show them my awesome Reassessment Request Google Form. I really am dying to get this baby in use. It is much better then last years thanks to Jaime Rykse’s explanation of how to get it to be sent as an email. Is it sad that I cannot wait to start getting emails requesting reassessment? It really is a beautiful system!


Hexeter 1 pretest

My school, being an alternative school uses hexter’s instead of semesters. I plan to give a pretest at the start of each hexter primarily to see what content I can skip, and to what content I need to dedicate a lot of time. I’m not very proud of my pretest, but It has been requested, so I will post it. I’m already kicking myself for not making a higher quality one over the summer, but this is a new school for me & I wanted to be able to adapt to the kids as I figure out how they operate.

Learning Target Tracking Sheet & Overall Grade Tracking

I have had long debates about the bast way to have students track their progress on learning targets. This is what I ended up with. I wish there was a place for them to set a goal, but I think i’m going to make a separate overall average tracking sheet with a place for goal setting. It’s not perfect, but I’ll start with this and tweak it in the future.

You can download an editable version of this here.

[update 8/1/14: here is a few examples of LT tracking sheets filled out by students:]



Learners keep this in their binder and update their scores after each assessment.

I copy this on the back of the tracking sheet: