Squares, Area & The Pythagorean theorem

After a few days working on surface area, I wanted to challenge my students and address the standard listed below by with a task that applied area in a different context. I debated about using this task because I couldn't envision how I would engage students and encourage them to persist in proving that a … Continue reading Squares, Area & The Pythagorean theorem

Introducing Surface Area with Pop Box Design

After sharing this activity on last nights Global Math Department meeting (recording here), I thought I should also post it here. I came across the Pop Box Design task developed by┬áTimon Piccini and knew it would be a good fit for my students. My students needed to understand surface area, not just be able to … Continue reading Introducing Surface Area with Pop Box Design

Day 126: Starting Spiky Door Project

An awesome Mathalician, Kate Nowak, commented on a blog post with a link to a project that she did with her students: Spiky Door! This fit perfectly with my students and their needs. I was surprised how much they struggled getting started. They wanted more specific steps, they really had a hard time with the … Continue reading Day 126: Starting Spiky Door Project