Coordinate Quadrilateral Proof Tetraflexagon

As I am starting a unit on coordinate quadrilateral proofs I knew I would like to have an interactive notes page on the topic.

I usually start with search of the web to find either a INB page already completed by someone else or get ideas as a starting point. I came across this fun tetraflexagon. I printed it and just tried to fold it based on the instructions. I struggled, then I Googled. This description made folding it much easier. It’s content was a little too basic as I want to include Coordinate Proof notes, so I used this as a starting point & adapted.

I left parts of it blank because I want students to complete these sections, but they are rather self explanatory.

Here’s what I ended up with:

2015-02-01 11.01.04 2015-02-01 11.01.18 2015-02-01 11.01.29 2015-02-01 11.01.46 2015-02-01 11.03.32 2015-02-01 11.05.42

If you want to download and modify it, you can here. Please comment & link if you make it better so that I can steal your improvements!