The Diamond Building

I adapted Jeff De Varona's Diamond Building lesson into a 3-act task, but instead of having act 3 be a reveal of the actual height, I had students calculate the height a second way to confirm their results. It took 2 short class periods (about 40 mins each) with my struggling students, but it may be able to be … Continue reading The Diamond Building


day 107: Wrapping up the trigonometry pile up

I planned to allow 10 minutes for students to ask questions & make progress on the triangle pile up. They make everything into such a big deal. After a reassuring talk about how I am confident that they have a lot of tools in their math bag of tricks, students did realize they could do … Continue reading day 107: Wrapping up the trigonometry pile up

Day 103: Do wat’cha need

I put together an elaborate plan today to complete a station activity practicing different types of right triangle trigonometry. Then, this morning before class, I talked to the students, and i listened. They told me that they needed more time & they had questions....I adapted. So today after our warm up, I provided students with … Continue reading Day 103: Do wat’cha need

Day 102: Practice Right triangle trigonometry

I learned quickly today that I was a little too ambitious in my pace. Students were great at determining opposite, adjacent, hypotenuse & selecting the appropriate trig function, but they really struggled at solving for the unknown side. Being that it was "What we've been doing Wednesday" I changed the warm up after my first … Continue reading Day 102: Practice Right triangle trigonometry