Day 102: Practice Right triangle trigonometry

I learned quickly today that I was a little too ambitious in my pace. Students were great at determining opposite, adjacent, hypotenuse & selecting the appropriate trig function, but they really struggled at solving for the unknown side. Being that it was “What we’ve been doing Wednesday” I changed the warm up after my first class to practice this skill. Students worked on partner problems where the problems sided by side had the same answer, but they really had a hard time. Most of them only got about halfway. I changed plans, decided it is ridiculous to have a quiz on this tomorrow as we planned, and instead we will work more with this tomorrow. Text week I only have students on Tuesday & Wednesday, so I’ll get to incorporate a day of angles of elevation and depression before having a quiz on Wednesday. I don’t want to rush, I want them to really learn trigonometry.

This is a challenge of being at a new school. I’m pretty good at anticipating areas where students get stuck, but occasionally, I get caught off guard. Next year I’ll be prepared for that one.


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