Day 65: Domino Effect from Mathalicious

I wanted to expose my Geometry students to linear equations in context after realizing that they are weak in linear equations on our “Throwback Thursday” warm ups. We worked through Mathalicious‘ Domino Effect. I helped a lot in act 1, but not at all in act 2. It took 2 class periods.

Day 64: Always sometimes never

I love these! It really supports concept development.

Listen to the great conversions!

I love that some students prefer to justify their reasoning with diagrams & examples, while others explain their thinking with words.



Modified Standards Based Grading: Thinking Out Loud

I like Standards Based Grading, but I want to improve upon my system. SBG has completely affected the culture in my classes and how I plan and teach and even how I interact with my students. This is my 4th year using some form of SBG. My dilemma is that all standards are weighted equally, but in reality they are not. I don’t want a student passing algebra 1 if they cannot solve multi-step equations or graph a line, even if they are proficient at other standards. To me, these are non negotiable basic algebra skills and the student would be set up for failure if they did not demonstrate proficiency at these. Currently, students still play the points game, albeit not as much as under a traditional grading system, but they learn that they can score below proficient at a skill or two every grading period and still pass.

My first thought was to switch from a 1-4 scale to the binary system, but this wouldn’t change, and may even encourage the “its ok to not be proficient in everything” game.

I want to set up a system where I can tell students that to score a C (minimum passing at my school) you must be really know these learning targets, If you want a B, then you need these too…etc… Scoring on a binary scale. I would assess the “C” targets most frequently, the B a little less often, and the A targets on occasion.

I am not clear in my mind on how this would play out with students, or how I would manipulate my district mandated traditional online gradebook, but I would love thoughts at this point so that I can keep developing a better grading system.