Day 57: Learning from our mistakes

The quiz last Friday was over 2 learning targets: 1) determining triangle congruence reason & 2) writing basic triangle congruence proofs. For some odd reason they did much better on the proofs than #1. I think it may have been something goofy like the format or the wording of the directions based on listening to my students today. The worst is that this is the first grade of a new grading period, so about half of my students are now failing!

I decided to have them move to different groups, correct their quizzes and complete a reflection form similar to the one made by Lisa Henry & Max Ray below:

They were left with an assignment to practice these skills & bring questions tomorrow. Reassessment is mandatory for all & will happen Wednesday at the start of class. Hopefully they do better… I know this is not always a fruitful strategy, but I think in this case it was. Time will tell.


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