Squares, Area & The Pythagorean theorem

After a few days working on surface area, I wanted to challenge my students and address the standard listed below by with a task that applied area in a different context. I debated about using this task because I couldn't envision how I would engage students and encourage them to persist in proving that a … Continue reading Squares, Area & The Pythagorean theorem


Day 88: Taco Cart! Woo Hooo!

My favorite part of the intro to Taco Cart is when I asked students what information they needed, I'll only tell them 2 things, and they debated for about 5 minutes. A few students thought the weather would be a factor. Their peers were furious. They decided the distances are more important. We only got … Continue reading Day 88: Taco Cart! Woo Hooo!

Day 85: Viewmongus Awesomesauce

Today was so fun! We did a warm up reviewing Pythagorean theorem, then as a class, we worked through finding the dimensions of the 55" television at the beginning of act 2. Students then worked in small groups to answer and discuss whether an 80" TV is really more then double the area of a … Continue reading Day 85: Viewmongus Awesomesauce