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Day 88: Taco Cart! Woo Hooo!

My favorite part of the intro to Taco Cart is when I asked students what information they needed, I’ll only tell them 2 things, and they debated for about 5 minutes. A few students thought the weather would be a factor. Their peers were furious. They decided the distances are more important. We only got started. Tomorrow they will figure it out.  20140121-115357.jpg


Day 53: Proofblocks part 1


We set up our INB’s for proof’s today. Clearly I need to emphasize correct spelling in the future!

We completed 1 proof, but it was a little rough. Tomorrow’s plan is to construct lotsa proofs on chart paper. just practice, no notes…It still feels a little soul crushing though, even with hot pink paper.

[update: next year laminate 1 class set to stay in the room so that I do not loose as much instructional time]