Constructions was MUCH better this year!

Last year I wrote a post about how I wanted to improve my teaching of geometric constructions this year. This year, I re-read it and used it to help plan this unit better.¬†I never provided the students with steps to make constructions! It was tempting, but I resisted the urge, and they did great! Here … Continue reading Constructions was MUCH better this year!


Maybe constructions will go better next year

This year in geometry I started teaching constructions by having students fill out a foldable using¬†instructional videos as a reference. By doing this, I made several mistakes. Students saw constructions as an annoying set of steps to memorize and repeat. Most students (as well as the Khan Academy) completely missed the point of using geometric … Continue reading Maybe constructions will go better next year

Basic Geometry Constructions 4-tab Foldable

[update: 10/05/15: I no longer use this in my classes because I developed a better sequence of lessons for teaching geometry where students deduce each construction using reasoning instead of copying steps from a website or myself.] Following an activity developing definitions in geometry, the first major unit of geometry will be constructions. I plan … Continue reading Basic Geometry Constructions 4-tab Foldable

Day 155 & 156: The Triplets of Cellville

I chose this Mathalicious lesson because we have not used circles enough in my geometry classes. We stared the school year with constructions, but haven't used them much this semester and I wanted them to recall and extend prior learning. I also wanted students to gain more experience modeling real world scenario's with mathematics & … Continue reading Day 155 & 156: The Triplets of Cellville