Filing cabinet of Warm Up Activities

There are so many great class opener activities that I decided I need a place to document them all so that I can make sure I'm am choosing the best tasks for my students. Sadie Estrella's Counting Circle because it develops number sense, mental math, and community Mary Bourassa's Which one Doesn't Belong? thought-provoking puzzles. There are no answers … Continue reading Filing cabinet of Warm Up Activities

Squares, Area & The Pythagorean theorem

After a few days working on surface area, I wanted to challenge my students and address the standard listed below by with a task that applied area in a different context. I debated about using this task because I couldn't envision how I would engage students and encourage them to persist in proving that a … Continue reading Squares, Area & The Pythagorean theorem

Introducing Surface Area with Pop Box Design

After sharing this activity on last nights Global Math Department meeting (recording here), I thought I should also post it here. I came across the Pop Box Design task developed by Timon Piccini and knew it would be a good fit for my students. My students needed to understand surface area, not just be able to … Continue reading Introducing Surface Area with Pop Box Design