Day 151: Scale factor Area Volume Quiz

Last day for Seniors!! We assessed the learning target on scale factors impact on area and volume. Many students will have to re take this one. As I mentioned earlier, I need to do more with developing this concept next school year.

Day 97: Study Sessions & finish Quiz

For some reason, the other day I was having a blast re-reading all of the posts listed on the MTBoS weebly site. This post in particular seemed to fit exactly what I was thinking!

Since Friday was shortened due to the 2 hour delay, students needed more time to finish their assessment over slope, distance & midpoint learning targets. They had time to start their quizzes on Friday, so over the weekend I looked at the quizzes and assigned students to study sessions based on their highest area of need. I took students who are superstars and assigned them to be the leader of a group. I created 1/2 sheets of problems for each group to work on and I set a timer for 15 minutes while I circulated and they worked HARD!

Then I gave everyone back their ungraded quizzes and gave them about 15 minutes to finish it. They all found errors and were happy to have the chance to improve their work before they turned it in to be graded. I am happy there will be less reassessments to manage later!