Day 114 & 115: Ugh! Scatterplot word problems

I procrastinated blogging about these two days because they were rough. I just gave students time to work on word problems where they practiced writing equation in slope intercept form and using it to make predictions. When I assigned this, I had no idea it would be so painful. Next year I will break the problems up and make it a “stations” activity. I think part of the problem was that students felt overwhelmed by a packet. I also need to make time to include a better INB page with this type of problem.ImageImage

day 111& 112: prediction equation applications & Histograms

I had a sub both of these days because my stepdaughter was having a baby! They are both doing well!

day 111: I gave the class a set of problems where they were given enough data to write a prediction equation, explain the meaning of the slope and use the equation to make predictions. Students said it was horrible, but they say that a lot when they have a sub.

day 112: I have a nice set of problems that walk students through bar graphs vs histograms, qualitative vs quantitative data, and using statistics to describe the data. Students actually said this was worth their time and understandable.