Days 157, 158, 159, 160: Rolling Cups

I assigned this as a final project for my geometry classes. I wanted to see (and I wanted students to see) how well they could apply their mathematical skills to real world applications. I struggle with being less helpful, while keeping students from giving up, so i really studied all of the suggested questions that … Continue reading Days 157, 158, 159, 160: Rolling Cups


Day 147: Practice similarity with Area & Volume

I had a sub. Students used their interactive notes to practice applying similarity to area and volume. I'm not sure why, but students really struggle with this concept. I need to find a better way for them to SEE the impact of a scale factor on area & volume next year. This was the highlight. … Continue reading Day 147: Practice similarity with Area & Volume

Day 138: Finishing golf ala Fawn

Since everyone had such a hard time last class, we started by watching this from 0:23 to 0:55 over and over and over. There was productive discussion. It helped. I will start with this and a discussion next time, maybe...I am struggling finding the balance of "helping" that results in productive struggle. In some classes … Continue reading Day 138: Finishing golf ala Fawn

Day 137: Application of Similar Triangles

Since Fawn's similar triangle lesson was so beautifully written here, I pretty much printed out her blog post and ran the class verbatim. I quickly realized that my students are not as enthusiastic problems solvers as Fawn's and it's because I don't let them struggle enough. I'm working on it. They struggle a little, but … Continue reading Day 137: Application of Similar Triangles

Day 135: Indirect measurement outside

We measured the classroom using similar triangles together, and then students worked in pairs outside. I would definitely do this again. I think they learned just as much about using measuring tape and converting units as they did about proportions and applications of similar triangles. We also followed this up with discussion on possible sources … Continue reading Day 135: Indirect measurement outside