Learning Target Tracking Sheet

This sheet is nice and simple and user friendly! I love the visual graph because students "see" that they are learning.Here is a link to my word template. It may not look pretty because I used some fun fonts, but its enough to get you started.  


Starting Geometry with Definitions

Every year, geometry starts with students defining many key terms so that we can use this vocabulary as we work through the content. For some reason, this school year, I couldn't remember what I'd done in the past and I took this to mean that it wasn't as awesome as it could be. As I … Continue reading Starting Geometry with Definitions

Basic Geometry Constructions 4-tab Foldable

[update: 10/05/15: I no longer use this in my classes because I developed a better sequence of lessons for teaching geometry where students deduce each construction using reasoning instead of copying steps from a website or myself.] Following an activity developing definitions in geometry, the first major unit of geometry will be constructions. I plan … Continue reading Basic Geometry Constructions 4-tab Foldable