Basic Geometry Constructions 4-tab Foldable

[update: 10/05/15: I no longer use this in my classes because I developed a better sequence of lessons for teaching geometry where students deduce each construction using reasoning instead of copying steps from a website or myself.]

Following an activity developing definitions in geometry, the first major unit of geometry will be constructions.

I plan to take 2 class periods to complete this foldable for their interactive note books with time for practice.  Each tab has space for both the steps and an example for segments and angles, except of course the last tab which contains constructing a line parallel to another line through a point and constructing a perpendicular line.

Instead of just talking at my students, I’m considering having students complete these notes in pairs using this website for directions:

Then I can circulate and provide support as needed. I’ll update this post after using this with students reflecting on its usefulness.

2014-08-11 08.06.54

8 thoughts on “Basic Geometry Constructions 4-tab Foldable

  1. Hi Lisa,

    As a first time Geometry teacher next year (ah!), I am really loving everything that you have posted about your curriculum and learning targets. How did your plan/pacing/sequencing work out for you last year? My school also uses the Discovering Geometry textbook but I do have freedom to cover the material however I see fit. I would love to get the chance to connect with you to pick your brain about everything. This is my 6th year teaching but I have never taught Geometry before. I’m really really excited because I love Geometry – but I’m also really nervous about starting from scratch!

    Thank you for all of the hard work you put into posting your amazing ideas! I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it 🙂


    • I’m so glad that you find this useful!
      I am changing my sequencing slightly this year, moving transformations much earlier in the year so that I can use it for definition of congruence and later in congruence proofs. This is a little scary for me, but I’ll figure it out. feel free to email me at or tweet at me @lisabej_manitou if I can be helpful!

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