Analyzing Triangle Congruence with AngLegs

I've tried to explain why AngLegs are a must have for high school geometry and should not only be considered a tool for younger students. Here is an example of how I find them indispensable in teaching triangle congruence. This lesson is adapted from MARS: Evaluating Conditions for Congruency. "Ok class, you are sitting in pairs and at … Continue reading Analyzing Triangle Congruence with AngLegs


Day 151 & 152: Similarity transformation proofs

I waited until the end of the school year for this because I wanted to encourage retention by requiring students to remember basic transformations in addition to applying dilatation which we just worked on. I searched for a good way to help students develop understanding of this. The best description of this standard that I … Continue reading Day 151 & 152: Similarity transformation proofs

Geometry: Planning the last 6 weeks

The last six weeks of geometry will focus on similarity, dilatation, indirect measurement, similarity transformation proofs, and circles: We will start with a review of real world ratio and proportion practice, interactive notes page & review, possible including activities such as New York Minute (NCTM Illuminations). We will then head into applying the properties of proportion … Continue reading Geometry: Planning the last 6 weeks

Day 52: Today was just OK

We did an estimation warm up, which everybody loves. Got the new learning target sheet & practiced identifying which congruence rule we were using depending on the "given's" and the picture. In some classes we also did the second page from this made by Math Teacher Mambo. I plan to introduce proof blocks tomorrow. I don't … Continue reading Day 52: Today was just OK