Day 151 & 152: Similarity transformation proofs

I waited until the end of the school year for this because I wanted to encourage retention by requiring students to remember basic transformations in addition to applying dilatation which we just worked on. I searched for a good way to help students develop understanding of this. The best description of this standard that I found was Kate Nowak here. In this post she included a link to Khan Academy’s interactive modules. I am not a fan, but these really helped students to see how to prove similarity. I searched for other options and even asked Desmos, but I found this Khan Academy module to be my best option. I set up a “coach” account, then on the first day my students set up accounts, made me their coach, and accessed the module. It took a while for them to get the hang of how it worked. On the second day they will try to get 5 correct in a row, really I just want them to experiment with this some more and develop mastery.


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