Day 39: My Favorite…Review

Today we played my favorite review game. I love it because it is so simple. I quickly create a Kuta worksheet, but this can be done with examview player, or just a boring worksheet way zoomed in to only see 1 problem at a time too.

Students are in groups of 3 or 4 depending on your class set up, 1 index card per group. Everyone must have work on their whiteboard(s) to get the point. I project ONE problem and a timer for added intensity (cool timer is my current fav). When time is up, I run around the room, going  to each group and “randomly” select one students work to check, I may ask clarifying questions if I am not confident that they understand. The team gets a stamp on their index card.

Kids go nuts! they really want everyone on the team to “get it” they love the immediate feedback. Sometimes Ill run by to stamp and give kids quick feedback and tell them Ill be back to stamp them in a minute. I love the immediate feedback and it helps to uncover misconceptions, kids engaged, no prep, little (if any) grading. SO FUN!

Repeat as long as its productive, usually about 15 or 20 minutes.

Sometimes I announce at the beginning of class that a specific number of stamps equals a perfect score & to grade, I just count the stamps.  Sometimes I tell them they get 1 point for each stamp…or 1 point for every 2 stamps…or I make harder questions worth 2 stamps…..whatever. Sometimes (most often) I collect the index cards and throw them away.


7 thoughts on “Day 39: My Favorite…Review

  1. […] In order to make sure all students got timely feedback and to hold them accountable, I gave each group an index card and when they finished a proof I would check it. Once it was done well, they got a stamp on their card. At the end of class they turned in their index card with their names & stamps on it, similar to the review activity I described earlier. […]

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