Day 136: indirect measurement

I started off introducing the lesson using Dan Meyer's idea here. Students had great debates about which triangles are useful in finding the height of the lamppost. Some students came to the board and drew triangles on the house in the background, or other random locations, then I asked, which of these triangles are similar? … Continue reading Day 136: indirect measurement


day 109: scatter plot notes & correlation

Today I borrowed an interactive note page from Sarah Rubin at Everybody Is A Genius.  I felt like it went OK, but it took longer then I would have liked and I found myself getting frustrated that few students really were thinking while most chatted and just copied someone nearby. I really liked the activity, … Continue reading day 109: scatter plot notes & correlation

Planning the next six weeks of Geometry

I really struggled planning the next six weeks of the school year for geometry. Although I hate it, the big fat state testing happens mid March. Probability & statistics is addressed heavily, and since my students have not seen it much, and it is important, and it is included in our states adoption of the … Continue reading Planning the next six weeks of Geometry