End of school year survey

Update 05/18/17:

Here is a link to my current end of year survey.


I want good feedback from my students, but I also want them to take it seriously & I think this survey in its current state is way too long for students to endure the entire thing. I’m considering it my question bank at this point & I plan to delete questions depending on the class. I searched for something like this to start with because I did not want to re invent the wheel, but I could not find one, so I am sharing mine so that hopefully other teachers can use it as a starting point for their own survey. (I cannot figure out how to make Google forms visible for you to create a copy without changing the original, so request access if you would like it to use as a staring point for your own class) Please comment with thoughts on questions to add or remove.

[update 6/05: My favorite comment on the survey: “I got better at actually trying.”] Woo hoo!!

Day 151 & 152: Similarity transformation proofs

I waited until the end of the school year for this because I wanted to encourage retention by requiring students to remember basic transformations in addition to applying dilatation which we just worked on. I searched for a good way to help students develop understanding of this. The best description of this standard that I found was Kate Nowak here. In this post she included a link to Khan Academy’s interactive modules. I am not a fan, but these really helped students to see how to prove similarity. I searched for other options and even asked Desmos, but I found this Khan Academy module to be my best option. I set up a “coach” account, then on the first day my students set up accounts, made me their coach, and accessed the module. It took a while for them to get the hang of how it worked. On the second day they will try to get 5 correct in a row, really I just want them to experiment with this some more and develop mastery.

Day 148 & 149: Four fours

I’m surprised how much students struggle with four fours. I think I should do this earlier in the school year next year so that they can practice many the standards of math practice in an environment where they are more familiar with the basic math skills required. Additionally, I should add a part 2 where students use their work to prove whether or not all numbers can be constructed using 4 fours.

2014-05-19 06.00.50

Day 147: Practice similarity with Area & Volume

I had a sub. Students used their interactive notes to practice applying similarity to area and volume. I’m not sure why, but students really struggle with this concept. I need to find a better way for them to SEE the impact of a scale factor on area & volume next year.

This was the highlight. Look at number 8! IT is very fun to see our math talk warm ups reducing calculator dependency:

2014-05-19 05.56.56