End of school year survey

Update 05/18/17:

Here is a link to my current end of year survey.


I want good feedback from my students, but I also want them to take it seriously & I think this survey in its current state is way too long for students to endure the entire thing. I’m considering it my question bank at this point & I plan to delete questions depending on the class. I searched for something like this to start with because I did not want to re invent the wheel, but I could not find one, so I am sharing mine so that hopefully other teachers can use it as a starting point for their own survey. (I cannot figure out how to make Google forms visible for you to create a copy without changing the original, so request access if you would like it to use as a staring point for your own class) Please comment with thoughts on questions to add or remove.

[update 6/05: My favorite comment on the survey: “I got better at actually trying.”] Woo hoo!!


7 thoughts on “End of school year survey

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! It is a great starting point, and for myself I can already see several to use as areas of growth, and others as things I value that I hope I am implementing well. Are you able to share a copy?

  2. I really like this survey. Thanks for sharing! Could I possibly get a copy sent via an email attachment?

  3. Thank you for linking your survey! I REALLY appreciate it! I made a copy and I am going to use it!!


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