Warm up sheet 2014-2015

I started with this warm up sheet from Jessica @algebrainiac1

After a semester I modified it a little.

At Twitter Math Camp 2014, I finally got to attend Sadie’s session on Counting Circles and I learned talking points from the Group work working group session lead by Elizabeth.

I may make some changes in order to adapt to my classes as the year progresses, but these are the most important topics for my students as they start the school year. At the start of each class, I will use the appropriate resource.

  • Monday: Counting Circle because it develops number sense, mental math, and community
  •  Tuesday: Talking Points because students practicing listening to each other will seep into every lesson, every day. It can be used as a tool to develop their growth mindset and, bring out and clarify misconceptions.
  • Wednesday: estimation Builds number sense & measurement
  • Thursday: Visual patterns Develop algebraic reasoning skills
  • Friday: Number talk Build computational fluency using number relationships and the structure of numbers

7 thoughts on “Warm up sheet 2014-2015

    • I’m glad you like it. If I explain these, I’m sure something will get lost in translation. Both are described well if you click on the links for each day in the post. I’m not secure enough in my abilities to explain it yet! If you are not as confident with those, try the links at the beginning of the post, they both do not include counting circles or talking points.

  1. Lisa, I personally love the idea of having a theme for every day of the week. Your warm-up sheets are step in that direction for me. Its something I’ve wanted to do for a couple years. One that comes to mind immediately that I used in the past is “Mistake Monday” where students will be required to find and discuss possible mistakes in a given problem/exercise. I know teachers that swear by an opening KenKen puzzle as well. Thanks for sharing and giving me more ideas!

  2. This is a really awesome framework — love your reference to Fawn Nguyen’s number talks site, I learned a ton from reading hers.

    I spent the last part of last year working really hard on number talks, and I’m excited about being able to do them from the beginning this year. I’ve considered counting circles and visual patterns, but I’m a bit intimidated with new routines when I have one I’ve already gotten comfortable with…not sure if I want to try to figure that out in addition to everything else. I do love the idea to include talking points in the warm-up, and will consider that. I’m curious to hear how these go, it’s a really awesome cross-section of number sense skills with a ton of student voice, I may be stealing some ideas from you!

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