day 106: Triangle Pile up

Today we did our first Graphing Stories warm up & the students were very upset that we got rid of estimation180 I’m going to have to bring it back in a month or two. But, man did they need the practice graphing! It was a mess and totally worth it. I heard students asking if they really had to pay attention to the seconds and their lines were curved when the should have been. I knew we need the practice.

After that I reminded them of the importance of the Standards of Mathematical Practice and ranted about SMP 1: PERSEVERANCE and we had a great discussion of its value. then I gave them the Trigonometry Pile up and asked “what do you notice” we discussed how it looked messy and overwhelming, then we talked about why. Most students agreed it was too many triangles and too many numbers. I asked them to consider ways they could make it more manageable…they concluded that we should redraw each triangle as we work our way up. Many students asked for bigger copies of the activity, so I blew it up for them and made it lighter so that they can easily read their writing on it will share tomorrow.

My initial plan was to do the clinometer activity tomorrow, but so many students were in a bit of a panic over this task that decided to allow them time to work in class tomorrow with my support. I’ll have to save the clinometer activity for another day.


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