Coordinate Quadrilateral Proof Tetraflexagon

As I am starting a unit on coordinate quadrilateral proofs I knew I would like to have an interactive notes page on the topic.

I usually start with search of the web to find either a INB page already completed by someone else or get ideas as a starting point. I came across this fun tetraflexagon. I printed it and just tried to fold it based on the instructions. I struggled, then I Googled. This description made folding it much easier. It’s content was a little too basic as I want to include Coordinate Proof notes, so I used this as a starting point & adapted.

I left parts of it blank because I want students to complete these sections, but they are rather self explanatory.

Here’s what I ended up with:

2015-02-01 11.01.04 2015-02-01 11.01.18 2015-02-01 11.01.29 2015-02-01 11.01.46 2015-02-01 11.03.32 2015-02-01 11.05.42

If you want to download and modify it, you can here. Please comment & link if you make it better so that I can steal your improvements!



5 thoughts on “Coordinate Quadrilateral Proof Tetraflexagon

  1. I found this video, I think it is easier to understand than the directions. Trying it with my class in 2 hours! I’ll let you know.

      • It took a long time to fold them, we didnt get a chance to fill in the blanks! We’ll do that Monday then. It is going to be extremely hard to do with my remedial class, but they are the ones that need the tool the most…. Maybe inspiration will strike over the weekend and I’ll figure out something to make it easier for them.

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