9 thoughts on “Day 128: finishing Spiky door

  1. Lisa – I love this project – I’ve looked at your posts, as well as Kate’s original post, and I think I’d love to give it a try! (I’m writing a new 3D unit for my Geometry class.) What kinds of materials did you have for your students to build with? Also, Kate says she didn’t give her students any kind of template for presenting their written work – did you? My kids are not great with written work, so I’m a little nervous about this part. I’m thinking maybe a very loosely structured format for written submission? Thanks – Wendy

    • This is one of my favorites! I only gve the students the “Day three” checklist for submitting work, and usually they do fine. Sometimes I have to return incomplete work and remind students to review the checklist and make sure they included all of the required elements. I don’t grade it unilt it is complete. It’s good for students to learn how to follow directions, so I resist the urge to provide a template or form.

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