Learning Target Tracking Sheet & Overall Grade Tracking

I have had long debates about the bast way to have students track their progress on learning targets. This is what I ended up with. I wish there was a place for them to set a goal, but I think i’m going to make a separate overall average tracking sheet with a place for goal setting. It’s not perfect, but I’ll start with this and tweak it in the future.

[update 8/1/14: here is a few examples of LT tracking sheets filled out by students:]

LT tracking 1 LT tracking 2 LT tracking 3

They keep this in their binder. As I post this I’m considering adapting it for their INB’s

I linked to a blank & editable version of this here.

I also has students track their overall grade in the class, but I think I may skip this this school year:


2 thoughts on “Learning Target Tracking Sheet & Overall Grade Tracking

  1. […] The next day students must respond to my feedback using a different color. Then I grade their demonstration of knowledge on each learning target using a 4 point rubric. If a student has shown that they do not understand a skill I mark this skill as “missing” or “incomplete” and they must schedule a time to work on this skill and re assess when they are ready.  when students get their quiz back they track their progress. […]

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