Hexeter 1 pretest

My school, being an alternative school uses hexter’s instead of semesters. I plan to give a pretest at the start of each hexter primarily to see what content I can skip, and to what content I need to dedicate a lot of time. I’m not very proud of my pretest, but It has been requested, so I will post it. I’m already kicking myself for not making a higher quality one over the summer, but this is a new school for me & I wanted to be able to adapt to the kids as I figure out how they operate.


2 thoughts on “Hexeter 1 pretest

  1. You are way too hard on yourself! This is a great pre-test, I’m totally going to use it. I don’t do SBG (I teach something different every year), but was thinking about at least generating standards this year for Geom, just in case I teach it next year. Thx for sharing.

    • Thanks! I’m generating standards in 6 week chunks mostly because I’m new to the school and getting to know these kids. I’ll have another set of standards and an assessment soon.

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