I want more time!!! Surface area & volume projects galore!

2014-04-09 10.30.07

There are too many projects that I want to incorporate for teaching surface area and volume. I’m not sure yet how to pick and choose and adapt to best meet my students needs. Please share other good projects in the comments! I am writing this blog post as a way to list options for future reference:

Surface Area

Lisa Bejarano: Interactive notes

Mr. Stadel: File Cabinet
Kaplinsky: Foil Prank
Miss Calcul8: Tin-Man Project

Engaging Math: Volume of a Pyramid
Tap into teen minds: Prisms & Pyramids, a 3- act task
Fawn & NCTM: I am a Doughnut
Kaplinsky: Gumball Machine
Kaplinsky: Drug Money
Kaplinsky: Cigarette Butts
Yummy Math: Penny Wars
Dan Meyer: You Pour I choose
Dan Meyer: Meatballs
Dan Meyer: Water Tank
MARS: Calculating volumes of Compound objects
Open Middle: Find 3 different cylinders that hold between 110 and 115 cu. ft. of water.
Fawn: Listerine to Fuji water
Both Surface area & Volume:

Mathalicious: Canalysis
Kate Nowak: Spiky Door
Piccini: Pop box Design & my post on how it went
MARS: Evaluating statements about enlargements
MARS: Designing Candy Boxes
Mathalicious: Cheese that goes Crunch with these adaptations

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    • Thank you SO MUCH for your comment! I have a hard time keeping up with my own blog, let alone the blogs of others.

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