Day 113: Mean, Median Mode & How to think about data

This went really well! I gave the students a sheet that listed everyone in the class and they had to fill out eye color, shoe size & average number of texts they send per day. I did this because students sometimes need to be forced to interact with each other and I have a few new students that I wanted everyone to interact with. I also hate it when students don’t know all of their peers names, so I try to encourage this when I can.

Then, it got interesting. I asked the class to find the mean eye color. They started to work, a few asked how to find the mean and I explained that they should add them all up and divide by the number of numbers. They grabbed calculators & looked back at their data, confused. I shut up and listened to them….”that doesn’t make sense” “How do I add colors?”, etc…

…enter discussion on qualitative vs quantitative data, considering the information when trying to describe the data, discussions on how to summarize qualitative data. Awesomeness.

Next we looked at shoe size: students immediately complained that men & women have different shoe sizing systems. We considered converting them all to men’s sizes, then we talked about how useful this information would be….other students suggested separating them into separate averages for men & women. The class agreed that this would provide more useful information.

For texts we discussed outliers and how they impact the mean. We related it to grades. The class decided that the median would be best to describe this data set.

We also made a fun foldable. It was a worthwhile day considering the purpose in interpreting data as well as reviewing basics.

2014-03-05 13.24.20 2014-03-05 13.52.46


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