Geometry breakdown: the next 6 weeks

As I’ve mentioned before, my school operates on Hexters (sixths of a school year). The best part is that we get a day to plan & grade at the end of each hexter, which gives me a chance to plan out the next 6 weeks of learning targets, and roughly outline the sequence of instruction. On tap for next hexter is finishing up triangle proofs using Proof Blocks, polygon properties & quadrilaterals, and transformations. I am hoping to include this modification of proof blocks by Tina C,  A kick ass intro to polygon angles from Kate Nowak. I plan to introduce transformations by using Mathalicious’ “Face Off”, then we will spend a few days working on transformations concept development based on this lesson by the Math Assessment Project. I will create an Interactive Student Notes page based on this awesomeness.

I need to decide on a project for this hexter. I am considering giving students a choice. My current ideas are:

[update 11/04: Dan Meyer just posted this which includes a number of polygon investigations which could lead to good choices for a project]

[update 12/21: Next year use this awesome Mrs. PacMan idea from Robert Kaplinsky as a final project to the transformations unit.]

I’d love suggestions in the comments!

I’m also excited to participate in an hour of code in December. I am hoping to teach a programming class next semester, because I know how much this would benefit students at my school, although I haven’t written an program in about 20 years..I’ll be forced to get good at this if I have to teach it – right? I am just a glutton for punishment, but hey! It would be a great way to force students who need an extra math credit to practice the Standards of Mathematical Practice.

Here’s the student Learning target progress tracking sheet:


2 thoughts on “Geometry breakdown: the next 6 weeks

  1. Wow…I just spent almost a half hour reading your resources for this unit. I teach many of the same topics that you mention, and also love to think about how to integrate more programming into my curriculum. Thank you so much for sharing your resources…I added four ideas to my Evernote clipped ideas just from this blog post.

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