No students today (Friday staff development)

I have to say my students did AWESOME on their Quiz yesterday! WOO HOO! Midpoints mastered by 95% of them!

Today, I am presenting examples of how Standards Based Grading looks in a classroom. Our staff has been subjected to many professional development days of SBG theory and research from Admin, but they don’t see how to put it into action and what it would look like in a classroom. My main goal today is to convince them that they have to jump in because it affects every aspect of your teaching. It will never be perfect, but constantly changing, and that it can look different depending on your style.

If you know of any non-math teacher blogs discussing SBG set up in other content areas please share with me. If you do it yourself, please blog about it and send me a link.


On another note, I really want to select a good math task and implement it concurrently with other teachers from all over the MTBoS, and then, the best part: Grade them together. Talk about the variety of student responses & approached and then the style of teaching that lead to that response. Sometimes I think I grade too easy, or too hard…I’d love to have these conversations with the best-est math teachers in the country! ┬áMy goal is to make this happen by the end of the school year. We would all get to learn so much. this is the extent of my thought right now, more to come…