My Classroom Setup

I’m finally pretty happy with my room set up. I have awesome desks that are perfect for creating groups of various sizes and encouraging collaboration. Whiteboards on every wall. Conversation starters / accountable talk posters above the whiteboard and a number line below this whiteboard. This wall has a border containing basic geometry images and … Continue reading My Classroom Setup

My NCTM regional Phoenix session

I presented at NCTM’s regional conference in Phoenix a few weeks ago on reasons to develop and use effective warm up routines. Here is the blurb on the session: Warm-Up Routines: Developing Mindset While Enhancing Math Understanding Warm-up activities can maximize class time, set class culture, develop growth mindset in students and fill gaps, or … Continue reading My NCTM regional Phoenix session

Twitter Math Camp 2016: Get Uncomfortable

Debate – Chris Luzniak & Mattie Baker “My claim is _____, my warrant is _____ .” Structures: Chalk Talk: Posters with questions on them, students respond by writing, no talking allowed. Talking points: read more here Debate! Argument = claim + warrant Soapbox debate: provide class with a debatable prompt, and a minute to think. Then … Continue reading Twitter Math Camp 2016: Get Uncomfortable