Geometry Planning Guide

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  1. Constructions
  2. Congruence
  3. Transformations & Similarity
  4. Right triangles & Coordinate Proof
  5. Applied Trigonometry & Solids
  6. Circles

In the spirit of Geoff Krall’s Problem Based Curriculum Maps, I attempted to organize my geometry curriculum and learning targets along with associated activities, tasks & lessons. In order to keep this as a useful document, I tried to only include the tasks that I have actually used in my geometry classes. I am interested in adding & deleting from this document regularly to keep if useful for me (and hopefully others). I plan to have the second semester completed this summer, as I am trying to develop this as I go this school year. 

[update 7/25/16: It is finally completed!]

I have shamelessly stolen from all over the MTBoS, Math Vision Project, Engage NY & the Unit Blueprints Project and tried to give credit as much as possible.

Please share any criticisms, activities that I should add, activities that are misaligned, etc… in the comments.

22 thoughts on “Geometry Planning Guide

  1. Oh my goodness! This is amazing! It almost makes me wish I was teaching geometry… 🙂 I’m definitely going to share this with my teachers. Thanks Lisa!

  2. Lisa, this is an awesome document. I tried to start the year with something like this, but yours is so-well organized. Thanks again for sharing your hard work (and saving me some!).

    • Thank you! It is a start. I am building it as I go so, I’ll have it complete by the end of the school year. Next year I hope I can just add or delete resources as I go & do another 180 blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I shared this with all of our graduating secondary math education students as they begin their teaching careers in the fall. What a fantastic resource!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Your earlier post said you will have it completed soon. If you have an updated copy, where can I get it? Thanks!

    • I’m so glad you find this useful!
      I never did fill in all of those empty details. I still intend to, but I haven’t yet! You can always make a copy and add/delete anything you deem necessary.

    • Thanks for the nudge! After many hours. I can (finally) consider this completed! You should access the most current version from the link above.

  5. Your planning document was shared with me via Twitter and I am in love. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this. I have been charged with “rewriting” our standards this year. I’d like to base it off of CCSS and don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Could I steal your work/standards for our upcoming Geometry course?

    • Of course! That is why I put it here! I’m so glad it is useful for you. If you notice anything I could do to improve it please leave comments on the doc, or let me know.

  6. I just started working on something like this but yours is so much better and amazing. I just cannot find the time to do that during the school year. I am way impressed and I love that you don’t mind sharing.

    • I so happy it was time well spent! You can also create a copy of the doc and then edit/adapt it to better match your plans.

  7. Hi Lisa!
    You did an amazing job! Twitter got me here lol I skimmed through your lesson on transformation. I really like you introducing your students with pack man to discover the transformation instead of giving the the definition to them. I recently did a unit plan just on transformation for my credential school class (I will change my distribution of units when I start teaching like yours). I did a plan on reflection, and I showed them a picture of an ambulance car. The “ambulance” is written backwards so they discovered transformation of reflection in real life. Here’s the tool I used to show them the reflection.

  8. I’m teaching Geometry again for the first time in seven years. This would be a great resource but it looks like it has been edited by a lot of people and the content has been deleted in portions of it. Would you be able to send me in its original form?

    • omg. Thank you for letting me know. I cleaned it up and changed the settings so that won’t happen again! Best wishes teaching geometry. Please let me know if I can help.

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