A Day in the life of a Math Teacher


Tuesday, January 12th 2016

4:30 am: Wake up before my alarm and turn it off.

5:00 am: grade in my pj’s

6:00 am: Still dark out,  10 degrees F, Run 6 miles with my 2 standard poodles.

7:00 am: Quick! Shower, dressed, feed the dogs, get to school!

8:00 am: Staff meeting (Kid Talk)

8:45 am: Programming class students setting up their accounts with Globaloria. The introduction part is a little tedious – setting up a blog, creating an about me page…students are eager to start programming.

10:00 am: Geometry class – Taco cart project!  Students did taco cart on the first day of the semester. It is a great pre-assessment of their problem solving skills & experience applying the Pythagorean Theorem. The project part is for them to find the fastest path to the taco cart and then write a paragraph on what they did, how they did it, how they decided they were correct, etc. Similar to the Math Forum POW’s.

11:45 am: Lunch time – Google Hangout with Globaloria in order to complete the PD portion of the programming software we will be using.

12:30 pm: Puma period – On Tuesdays, students can go to any class to get help. I had about 10 students who missed a class at some point last week, they sat in groups by missed assignment, and I ran between groups answering questions. There were other stragglers in my room using the laptops. One student completing a math online credit recovery and she asks for help with each question. I try to do a quick mini lesson on solving equations with her.

1:15 pm: Planning period – Now I have a minute to eat. Finalize my plan for Intro to programming next period. Upload assignments onto Google Classroom. Put together plans for my classes tomorrow. Remember I haven’t graded programs from last class, log in to CodeHS and see that I have about 30 programs to grade and provide feedback. I also notice that one student was programming at midnight last night for fun. Awesome!

2:45 pm: Intro to Programming – I lean heavily on CodeHS for this class. Since we are still in the initial part of this class, students are having fun completing the introductory programs and they are all moving at their own pace. I want them to feel free to progress quickly, but I am not sure what I will do when some are very far ahead of others. It’s a good problem. I’ll figure something out.

4:05 pm: School ends. I clean up, make copies for tomorrow, respond to a few emails, chat with some students and leave within an hour.

5:00 pm: Home. Walk the dogs. Make Dinner. Clean up.

8:00 pm: sleep


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5 thoughts on “A Day in the life of a Math Teacher

    • If a student has no missing assignments and is passing all of their classes, they can get “free puma” and have a longer lunch. Most students who earn free puma come in anyway and use the time to keep up on their work, or help a friend on an assignment. I’m going to write about this puma period in another blog post soon.

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