A little late – TMC15 summary

I fired up the old blogging machine and I found this in my drafts.

Incomplete and unpublished:

This TMC summary is hard to write, but the best way to grow is through reflection, so I’m putting it out there.

When I attended TMC13 I felt overwhelmed but excited to meet so many people who have contributed so much to my teaching. I was just about to start at a new school and I gained many new ideas and inspiration which continues to make me a much better teacher.

TMC14 was perfect. I knew many people and met many new folks. I left content and inspired. I’d spent the previous school year writing a 180 blog on my geometry class and through interactions around these daily postings I felt like part of a bigger thing. I gained many new ideas and motivation and came back excited to teach.

On to TMC15:

general constant improvement is hard.

  1. My #1TMCthing is to take care of myself to maintain my energy and motivation as I feel myself sinking into apathy. I will run 20 miles per week minimum for the entire school year (barring sickness or injury).
  2.  I will blog weekly to maintain a connection to other inspiring math teachers.
  3. I will develop & implement a spiraled curriculum in my semester long College prep path class.
  4. I will kinda-baby-spiral my geometry curriculum by implementing 1 off topic task per unit to encourage student retention.
  5. I will include a correction/reflection component to assessments & no grade on quizzes until after reflection

I find this insightful as I begin thinking about the upcoming school year and TMC16 (which is currently in progress).

I will save my TMC16 thoughts for another post, but I had to finish this and put it out there. Here is how I did on the resolutions above:

  1. I ran less miles per run, but more often and more regularly than in the past. It is nice to have the consistency and alone thinking time. Some of my best lessons are developed while running.
  2. pfft. I didn’t even publish this post.
  3.  I was conscious of spiraling. I didn’t intentionally develop anything beautiful but I incorporating more previous content as the year progressed,
  4. see above.
  5.  Did this. Never going back. Blogged about it here.

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