day 119: Volume Win!

We really needed volume practice. I love the whiteboard stamp game because I can provide immediate verbal feedback to students and they can get differentiated support. It was awesome to be able to pinpoint their areas of confusion and help them to get clarification. I do not emphasize speed, I have them work in pairs or 3’s and they only get the “point” when everybody in the group has the correct solution with work & they can explain it.

This encourages them to help each other & the whiteboard provides a safe place to experiment, since if feels less permanent than pencil & paper. Students had increasing confidence as the problems progressed. I carefully scaffolded the problems and we discussed its similarities and differences to previous problems before I started the timer. Tomorrow we will work on volumes of compound solids.

2014-03-18 10.31.27

2014-03-18 10.37.33


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