New Geometry warm up routines!

I really enjoyed the warm up routines done by Jessica (@algebrainiac1), and I used them for about six months. I have done some thinking about what students need more practice with and I decided, at least for the next 6 weeks to change up the routines.

I created a new warm up sheet to go with it, although it is not a beautiful as Jessica’s, it’ll do for now.

It includes:

  • Monday- graphing stories
  • Tuesday –patterns
  • Wednesday – math talks –  I’m debating about the number line on the number talk day. I’m currently thinking that I will leave it in since my plan is to have students put numbers in order on a number line (scientific notation, irrational numbers, fractions, etc).
  • Thursday – mental math
  • Friday – where I can throw in what they need that week.

I’m pretty sad that there are not enough days in the week to include:

What do you think?

Update 2/23: I found this little gem, which could come in handy in the future.

Update 3/06: I hope to convert this resource from the Shell center into warm ups over the summer


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