Day 84: starting Viewmongus

This was rough. I noticed that when I get frustrated, I push students harder & talk more, meaning that they learn less & I get exhausted & more frustrated. They did well with act 1, but then it fell apart. I need to shut up and give them time to think and trust that they will get there. Why is it so obvious as I post this, but it wasn’t an hour ago?



2 thoughts on “Day 84: starting Viewmongus

    • Thank you so much for your thoughts! We have had stellar moments of struggle last semester, but we haven’t even been back from holiday break for a week yet. I think they just aren’t really in school mode, and I got frustrated, which just makes it worse. my setting expectations of awesomeness left me disappointed. I just need to chill and listen to them. I am confident tomorrow will be better.

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