Day 79: Snowflakes day 2

Today we predicted what the snowflake would look like using an update of Dan Meyers really old lesson. Students had whiteboards and I physically cut paper as we want through the slides. They would draw their predictions, is walk around providing comments, then I’d open the snowflake. Students were very into it.

After that I gave the students this to work on, created by Mimi Yang.



2 thoughts on “Day 79: Snowflakes day 2

  1. THIS is super cool! I will certainly be stealing it when we get back from break. I think it would also be a great activity for my pre-algebra students as well since they are good problem solvers when they don’t shut down from seeing numbers.

    • thanks! I really thought the first day went well. it was awesome watching them try to make a snowflake that I projected. The immediate feedback really motivated students. and the fact that snowflakes are awesome encouraged persistence. They really had to think a lot about reflections in order to create these.

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