Day 72: Transformations Math Assessment Project

I did very little talking, but there was lots of learning! After 2 consecutive snow days, we are back in action! I introduced the lesson briefly and had students work in pairs to complete the cards. They struggled but got most of them. It seems like some students think of learning as the volume of work produced, not the quality. I heard a few students comment that they get more done in 1 day in Mr. X’s class then they do in two days in my class. I try to explain that I give them fewer tasks with more depth, but I’m not sure they are convinced.

[update 6/11: I got the cards from this Math Assessment Project lesson}



3 thoughts on “Day 72: Transformations Math Assessment Project

  1. I would love to know where you got these task cards, I opened the link you left and that does not give you these particular cards.

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