Day 38: Midpoint

Today we finished discussing classifying triangles, which is a topic that I considered skipping. I’m glad we spent a class period on it because many students did not remember the classifications. For fun I also assigned Tina Cardone’s Quilt project for them to work on at home, due on Monday.

Today I also used Elissa Miller (misscalcul8)’s midpoint lesson which went really well to allow students to develop their own shortcut of finding midpoint.


2 thoughts on “Day 38: Midpoint

  1. I have a question about the Quilt Project. Do you have to have one triangle for equilateral and one for equiangular, or can you use the same triangle for both?

    • I didn’t specifically tell students that, but it’s really awesome when they review the definitions and then ask “Can’t they be in the same triangle?” I celebrate them understanding!

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